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10-49 employees




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About Company:

Aryana Industrial Research Group commenced its professional activities in 1997 in the fields of Management Consulting and Industrial Engineering with the aid of its highly competent staff of Sharif University of Technology graduates in Industrial Engineering. Through years of activity and upon the discretion of the founders of the company, Aryana decided to specialize its multifaceted services into more distinct sub-categories, and in this line it eventually branched out into four separate centers as follows:  Aryanas Management Consulting and Entrepreneurship Center. (1997)  Aryanas Training and Empowerment Center. (2000)  Abtin Artistic & Cultural Center. (2002)  Aryana Publication Center. (2004) The above-mentioned highly specialized centers provided Aryana with the opportunity to boost the specialized services rendered by each center, accelerate the rate of their development and progress while enabling each center to benefit form one anothers expertise for the betterment of each center in its own right. Yet, we believe that we have a long way ahead of us to measure up to the standards we are aiming at to develop and improve ourselves as individuals, as a group and ultimately as a society.