About Us

IranTalent.com is the leading job site and online recruitment service in Iran serving as the primary recruitment channel for many leading Iranian companies along with nearly all the international firms.

IranTalent website, with a database of more than one million Iranian candidate, specializes in offering a platform for matching professionals, specialists and managers with attractive career opportunities.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: "To create an online platform where professionals and companies can interact easily", so that companies can find the right talents for their vacancies; besides candidates can finally spot their dream job and dream company.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the primary online reference for Iranian professionals and managers.


Understanding clients' needs are the key to obtain their HAPPINESS. We listen to our customers and provide for their needs so that they can achieve their goals.


We strive to provide OPPORTUNITY for both candidates and employers, allowing them to be discovered easily.


With PRODUCTIVITY on our mind, we will achieve everything we have been wishing for. We believe there is no limit to our work, only time.


A decision would be valid only when it is based on concrete EVIDENCE. Our ongoing growth journey has been embarking upon facts, data and professional analysis.

We do it right

We Work Smart

Over the years, we have fine-tuned our CV Builder and CV Search tools. This adjusting will help candidates to make their CV easier than before. Also by improving our CV search system, employers can find their ideal candidates effortlessly.

We Speak a Common Language

Our online services are based on the internationally accepted language of English because it creates a common ground between candidates and recruiters.

We've Got Your Back

We have come up with additional solutions and training methods, so our customers can find the right candidates easily.

Conquer the summit

1,000,000 CVs

You'll have access to almost one million CVs of professionals that you can search and review.

Effective Job Posting

Posting a job vacancy in IranTalent is the most effective online solution to find best employees. Also by sending weekly job alerts, we make sure that most candidates will review and apply for your job vacancies.

Recruit Like Never Before

Our new dashboard design enables you to manage CVs and folders easily. It also helps you track every hiring stage for each candidates.

In IranTalent everybody trusts

The First Choice of Employers

Both international and Iranian companies consider us as their primary recruitment channel – confident with our deep local insights and global outlook.

Well-Known Among Major Players

Major players across different industries trust us, since we have delivered great results with an understanding of their specific needs over the years.

Precise, Even to Smallest Details

After all these years, we've deeply understood the small differences among job categories. This extensive experience enables us to provide the perfect solution to your needs.


Having The Largest Database of Iranian Professionals , almost 1 millions CVs.


Iran Leading job site with more than 15 years of experience.


Serving over 5000 major national and locally-based international companies.