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Mukrans outlook for a brighter future necessitates the inclusion of diverse companies and their respective expertise. Mukrans management team decided to invite Sinateb on board to add medical and pharmaceutical services to their list of activities. This decision was made to ensure the vast coverage of several aspects of the trading businesses and in line with the healthcare needs and requirements of todays world. Like many other nations in the world, Iran is faced with healthcare challenges of high costs and much needed equipment. To this end, it is vital to introduce technologies and services to provide high quality care and optimal well-being services into the Iranian healthcare administration. This, however, covers a vast range of equipment and services. Sina Teb represents international companies which produce and supply medical and pharmaceutical equipment. This companys main interest is to introduce state-of-the-art medical equipment and pursue pioneering activities in its field of practice and is fully prepared to collaborate with the key players in the field of medical supply and equipment. Sinateb has expanded its activities in the field of health care through collaboration with the reputable and long-running Finnish company New Icon to offer the most modern and efficient healthcare services to its fellow countrymen. The joined forces of the two companies are classified as: The introduction and establishment of fully mechanized storage automation for hospitals and pharmacies The introduction and establishment of medication adherence products (mechanized systems to monitor the distribution and dosage of medicine) Development and manufacturing of equipment for mixing antibiotics with cancer medicine This company has also collaborated with international companies to introduce and implement Telehealth and Telecare services to the general public. In short, these services are aimed at monitoring the well-being of elderly patients or those suffering from chronic, auto-immune disorders such as diabetes. By using remote equipment, these patients can safely pursue a normal lifestyle without imposing substantial cost and effort on themselves, their families and the health care system of their countries. Sinateb is actively working: To promote and manipulate Telehealth and Telecare services To hold training and orientation courses for hospitals deans of medicine (with the collaboration of renowned medical universities) To establish a fully autonomous Telehealth center in Iran.

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