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100-499 employees




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Shomaran System Company was founded in 1984 as a Shomaran Accounting and Auditing firm. The firm gathered group of experienced accountants and financial system designers to release its first software in 1990 which was supported by DOS operation system. Over four years of operation, in 1994, Iranian High Council of Informatics granted the permission for changing companys name to Shomaran System. Thereafter, in 1996, the company introduced its first integrated and comprehensive industrial and financial software which has been known as Rahbar. In 2002, the company introduced integrated and comprehensive software under Windows operation system when the company has been known as a pioneer in accounting and financial software producing industry. One of the main reasons why Shomaran has expanded in financial software market is the diversity of products. The products are able to accommodate the needs of many industries such as food, chemical, home appliances and car industry. As a good example, ERP (Enterprise Resource planning) software was designed by Shomaran experts in order to answer complicated questions in the ground of Enterprise Resource Management.