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100-499 employees


Markazi, Saveh


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Kaveh Aluminum Can Company (KACC) is the first and the largest can making company in Iran that manufactures and supplies two-piece aluminum beverage cans to a large variety of filling companies. Our customers are the reputable manufacturers of various types of juices, energy drinks, and other types of soft drinks all around Iran, the Middle East, and beyond. We offer a wide range of products with significant after and before sales services. Beverage industry in Iran and the region enjoys the innovation of KACC offers very broadly in terms of format, print and can ends. This range of advantages forms our value chain and has helped us greatly to grow over and beyond the industry norms. Our biggest asset is undoubtedly our employees. The combined talent, skills, knowledge, experience, and passion of our people are what constitute our greatest competitive advantage and make us what we are today. We place great value on investing in our people and helping them develop their skills and talents.

Why work with us

Our production lines are equipped with the latest technology machinery, tools, and equipment. Our people enjoy making use of their academic knowledge and theories in a very professional and high-tech atmosphere that cannot be easily found in the country. We are a team of professionals and have very professional customers.

Supply Chain Supervisor

Kaveh Aluminum Can Company (KACC)

14 days ago

IT Application Specialist

Kaveh Aluminum Can Company (KACC)

19 days ago

Factory Manager

Kaveh Aluminum Can Company (KACC)

1 month ago

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CEO Assistant

Payon INT Hirad

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