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50-99 employees


Tehran, Tehran


انتهای کارگر شمالی- بالاتر از چهارراه جلال آل احمد- بین خیابان 15 و 16- مركز رشد واحدهاي فناوري فرآورده هاي دارويي

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About Company:

Farabiotic is a leading company in the probiotics industry which was founded on 2016. This company is established in Avicenna National Biotechnology Park. We are proudly as a knowledge enterprise company under the auspices of the vice president. Farabiotic is active in the production of both APIs and finished probiotics products with the Freeze - drying (Lyophilized) technology. Also we aim to provide probiotic products with the best quality in Iran; additionally we hope to export our products as soon as possible. Eventually we are seeking for mighty and diligent people who can engage in entirely scientific environment.

Why work with us

Farabiotic is one of the best pharmaceutical companies for people whom searching for friendly atmosphere. We are a pioneer company in the field of probiotics with unique technology. Farabiotic is famous for highly innovative atmosphere. We are completely science company and slogan is " In Guidelines We Trust ".

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