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100-499 employees


Iran, Isfahan


اصفهان- شهرک صنعتی جی- خیابان چهارم شرکت چودن سازان - پلاک 136

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About Company:

Chodan Sazan Company (P.J.S) was founded in 1982 in Isfahan, Iran to produce the high quality cast iron rolls and sleeves. In the course of company expansion CSRoll group was formed with cooperation and joint ventures with other companies such as Ghaltak Sazan Sepahan Co., Sangin Karan Jay Co. and Sangin Sanat Kouhpayeh Co. Chodan Sazan is the leading Iranian company involved in designing; producing and supplying high quality cast rolls, ingot moulds and accessories for the steel industry. Chodan Sazan Co. has an active presence in the local and foreign markets. Thats why we see these Tender as the opportunity for both Countries to expand their industrial relation together. The rolls produced by Chodan Sazan Co. are used almost in every rolling mill in Iran. Due to Chodan Sazan's outstanding quality, it has maintained complete customers satisfaction. Chodan Sazan Co. is the combination of highly skilled, motivated people, recognized and rewarded for their efforts, our employees take ownership of the company's successes and failures, and are empowered, encouraged and equipped to make a difference.

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