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Power & Utilities

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100-499 employees


Tehran, Tehran


بزرگراه صدر- خیابان بهار جنوبی-نبش بن بست نیکبخت- پلاک 21- ساختمان ماه تاب

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About Company:

Arian MahTaab Gostar Company, as a private sector pioneer in the field of power generation investment, was established in 2002 in order to contribute in power industry in Iran and meet electricity demand of the country by providing electricity with the highest availability. MahTaab fully believes in maintaining its agility through outsourcing operational activities and manages all its businesses with a merely 100 employees and always tries to employ world class best practices and also tries to play a role in the country as a benchmark. Moreover, by establishing companies in the fields of electricity, water, oil & gas and energy trading, MahTaab currently owns all or part of 13 thermal and renewable power plants with about 4,000 MW nominal capacity. MahTaab Group does not limit its goals to financial achievements. The company promotes corporate social responsibility and has widely cooperated with social institutions, in the regions where projects have been implemented as well as other regions of the country. Our Values: * Create and promote value for all stakeholders *creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship * Economic and strategic thinking at all levels of the organization *Building and creating trust, confidence, solidarity and cooperation amongst company employees and promoting their sense of responsibility * Engagement and participation in effective social and cultural activities in the vicinity of projects * Respecting viewpoints and maintaining dignity of employees, customers and shareholders

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