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Alborz Shoes

Alborz Shoes

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Retail, Shop & Supermarket

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50-99 employees




میدان آرژانتین- خیابان احمد قصیر- نبش کوچه 18- ساختمان جردن- پلاک 45

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About Company:

Alborz Shoes was established as one of the pioneers of shoe industry in 1341. Alborz shoes are rooted in a family that has been involved in manufacturing and trading footwear for nearly a century. But the great motivation and perseverance of the founder of Alborz Shoes for the advancement and industrialization of production made Alborz Shoes from a small manufacturing workshop to a major shoe factory in the country. Comfort and quality have always been one of the most important features of Alborz shoes, which has led to the popularity of the brand in its early years. Alborz's commitment to superior quality led to the conclusion of a "joint production" contract with one of Europe's largest footwear companies in Germany, Romica, in 1994, and the effects of this collaboration on the design of various Alborz shoes are still evident. . Alborz Shoes Using state-of-the-art in shoe manufacturing technology, Germany has the latest necessary devices (including Desma) in the Iranian shoe industry that offer direct injection of cushions (Rubber, PU, Rabber PU and TPU-PU). It has very high efficiency. Alborz shoes honors include the first quality management certification (ISO 9001) in 1998 among all footwear manufacturing companies, which has established itself as a leading brand in the field of systematization and standardization in the footwear industry. Kurdish. Alborz Shoes is currently updating its systems using well-trained systems engineering and strategic management consultants. Other distinctions include the use of well-trained leather and shoe consultants, ergonomics and aesthetics to enhance the beauty and quality of products to enhance the look and feel of Iranian footwear with a fresh look. Alborz has always been one of the picks on the road to progress, as he has achieved in recent years as a protagonist and champion of the country's industry champions. Due to the great importance of shoes to the health of consumers and the damage caused by wearing inappropriate shoes, Alborz Shoe Company, as one of the oldest shoe factories in Iran, owns the most equipped machinery and technology in the world. The collaboration of orthopedic specialists and related clinics completes the process of producing footwear and ergonomically tailored footwear and delivering their products to the consumer market while delivering up-to-date models with the highest quality and highest standards. In this regard, diversifying products for different seasons of the year, as well as producing footwear for all segments of society with different ages and tastes, taking into account the climatic and geographical conditions of each region is at the top of the company's plans. In order to utilize the latest technologies in the manufacturing sector, Alborz Shoe Company intends to expand its partnership with well-known international reputable companies and provide the appropriate infrastructure for the development of commercial affairs in the domestic and foreign markets. Strengthening the marketing unit and increasing cooperation with footwear and leather industry professionals to improve the quality and quantity of products and to satisfy customers in the future vision of the company has a special place to expand the company's activities and employ qualified people. Provide more.

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