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Sales Manager

Sarzamin Kharid (Daily Market)

Khorasan, NorthPosted a month ago Show Salary

Job Description

• Participation in the processes like store location finding, sale estimation and other parameters determining the best place for renting and establishment of a new site. • Making decisions on the date of openings of new stores according to their situation. • Making plans for the opening of the stores matched with development & equipment department • Proposing the exact ideas about the sale estimation for the suggested stores by the site development crew • Making decision on the required equipment for the stores according to the principals of the firm • Making decision on the store planogram • Controlling the discipline and the performance of the stores and preventing a situation which is against the corporation rules and laws • Planning on the sale increase and performance of the clients and making exact and fast decision in a short time • Editing and controlling the planogram according to the firm standards • Controlling and supervising the stores sale and making sure to reach the sale plan target in every stores • Reports on sale amount, losses, commodity deficit, warehouse handling and the way equipment are dealt with, to the Regional General Manager • Management and controlling the stores’ inventory to ensure the lack of the commodity deficit and zero status inventory in stores and supplying the promotion inventory • Management and controlling the stores’ inventory to ensure the lack of slow moving goods and checking the appropriateness between sale and stock • Making suggestions about the bonus for salespeople and asserting them to the RGM • Setting the schedule for the supervisors in case of emergency situation • Determining the regions and responsibilities for supervisors and making reports to the RGM • Participation in hiring processes of salespeople


• Business knowledge • Competitors Evaluation • assessment and planning sale • Propose and performing sale improvement plans • Full control over job process in areas in all stores • Ability and eagerness to hold training session for sale department crew • Mastery of specialized software

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  • Marketing, Advertising, Market Research & Branding
  • Sales & Customer Service

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  • Full Time


  • Manager