Warehouse Manager - Karaj Golnanpuratos

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  • Alborz

      -   Karaj

Posted 5 months ago

Job Description

- Regular work at the workplace and receiving and scheduling a daily work plan. - Planning, coordinating and controlling the activities of the personnel of the warehouses under supervision in order to ensure the good performance of the tasks assigned. - Designing a suitable method for deposition of items in the company's warehouses in accordance with the standards required for optimum use of existing inventory space. - Participate in the preparation and setting up of procedures for storing inventory items. - Formulating and implementing appropriate classification and coding system for items in the company's warehouses. - Supervising the documents regarding entry and exit of goods from the company's warehouses to ensure compliance with the criteria and their contents. - Review the company's warehousing systems and provide the necessary suggestions for their optimization and elimination of bottlenecks. - Supervising, controlling and co-operating in the correct and timely recording of imported and exported warehouses in the system, and control and cooperation in identifying and resolving possible contradictions. - Supervision and monitoring to ensure timely control of the quality of materials and other purchased items and products manufactured by the company by the relevant authorities. - Supervision and follow up to obtain confirmation or non-verification of parts and items purchased by the applicant unit. - To prepare reports and information on the delivery and evolution of materials and supplies, spare parts, packaging requirements and products in warehouses for delivery. - Monitor the timely discharging of deliverables to the company, numerical control of them with a request and place them in the appropriate manner at designated locations. - Supervising and participating in inventory periodic inventories, co-operation with financial affairs and auditing in the field of stock taking and arranging the relevant meetings. - Supervising and controlling the correct and timely archiving of documents relating to the entry and exit of goods from the warehouses of the company in the relevant files. - Planning, coordinating and controlling to ensure timely transportation form central warehouse to regions and regions to customer in minimum cost. - Cooperation in warehouse choosing and renting (in coordinate with sales in regions)


Good team working skills Managerial skills Safety Management Developing Standards Managing Processes Surveillance Skills Reporting Skills Interpersonal skills Verbal and written communication skills Logical reasoning Numerical skills Technical skills IT skills