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Utility Manager- Qazvin

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Job Description

Health and Safety: • Ensure that the OH&S Management system is implemented in the section in respect with safety policy. • Ensure that team members apply and respect the safety procedures with the proper awareness level and take fast action with employees who flout the instructions in coordination with HR. • Take part in the corrective actions and safety audit every month. • Specifies in the section the quality, Health & safety and food safety objectives and program(s). Those serve and accomplish the company’s general mission. While follow up the implementation of the corrective /preventive actions in the section. • Responsible for hazard identification and risk assessment in the section while ensuring that any risks to health or safety at work are eliminated, or if this impracticable at least minimized. • Communicate, Participate, and Investigate any unsafe act/ near miss/incident/ accident. Utilities operation and maintenance: • Develop the maintenance plan for all utilities equipment on site to guarantee sustain the reliability utilities system to deliver needed energy, steam, compressed air, and vacuum. • Responsible for the full operation for all utilities on site to guarantee all the needed energy, compressed air, vacuum, steam and treated water in order to have continuous production process at 24 hour basis. In addition to secure proper cooling condition/capacity for produced finished goods. • Responsible to follow up all contracts related to utilities and all subcontractor works to sustain the life time of the utilities equipment. • Responsible for the operation and maintenance of the water treatment station to ensure that the produced water for the production process comply with the group standard and hygiene. • Responsible for the operation and maintenance for the firefighting system including all mechanical installation, piping and hoses system. • Participate in coordination with the engineering the calculation for capacity required for steam, compressed air, vacuum, treated water, etc., for any additional equipment on site, and support information related to the factory master plan. Environment: • Responsible for developing/implementation the actions required to reduce the environmental footprint. o Reducing consumption of water, none renewable energy and greenhouse gas emissions (ESABEL/WASABEL) o Managing impacts (emissions, noise, ,..) and reducing of environmental damage related to any chemical leakages and ensure monitoring and inspection process. o Reducing amount of waste sent to landfill. • Ensure the implementation of ISO 14001 standard on site and its periodical renewal. • Ensure the steam, water and air are matching the standard specifications for appropriate production process BOOST: • Participate with the Factory management in related Pillars - LEAN manufacturing systems. • Participate in continuous improvement process, root cause analysis and innovation. • Participate in environmental pillar.


- Bachelor degree Mechanical Engineering or equivalent. - +7 years of experience in manufacturing companies - Excellent command of English - Work well under pressure and able to work independently. - Ability to manage multi tasks in the same time. - Hard worker - Rigorous person - Autonomy character - Initiative-taking - Ability to engage and develop people - Self-motivation, enthusiasm and results-focus - Supply market - Quality / Hygiene / Safety / Environment regulations and standards - Activity coordination - Financial performance - Information system - Maintenance planning. - Process; pumps, valves, tanks, boilers, and compressors - SAP PM System - M.S. Applications