Job Description

  • Receive the requirements from the relevant teams and preliminary review and provide the solution design schedule.
  • Conduct related research including study standards and similar solutions available in the industry
  • Map and adapt existing products with customer requirements and design solutions according to the requirements provided by the applicant.
  • Get the schedule, estimate the cost of implementation, and specify the solution/product development team by holding meetings with product managers and the CEO.
  • Prepare and provide technical information needed to provide products to business development and account teams.
  • Collect information from team members, agree and control output quality, and attend output presentation meetings if needed.
  • Schedule and divide the activities explain the relevant requirements to carry out a project and present the activity progress report to the leadership team.


  • At least 5 years of related work experience.
  • Mastery of the concepts of software architecture and integration.
  • Mastery of present content and creating presentation files.
  • Mastery of business analysis concepts.
  • Understanding telecom concepts.
  • Understanding research methods.
  • Result-orientated.
  • Efficient teamwork skills.

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