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Plant Manager - Alborz

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Job Description

-Organizing, planning, devising, controlling, and coordinating in all supervised areas -Establishing necessary coordination among all departments from the beginning to the end of the production line -Collaboration in analyzing approved programs and policies, and reviewing and determining the necessary facilities for implementing the proposed programs -Control and supervise the implementation of operations by different parts, examine bottlenecks in operational systems and provide solutions to bugs and deficiencies to ensure their alignment with the goals and plans set by senior management -Constant control of manufactured products in collaboration with the quality control department to ensure their alignment with the set and coordinated standards and specifications in order to eliminate possible deficits -Proper and principled operation of production lines based on standards -Controlling and directing managers and supervisors of all supervised units -Preparation of required policies and guidelines in production and operation of specialized technical equipment of the company in order to increase the efficiency and production of the plant -Collecting, preparing and sending reports and analysis on the functions of all supervised departments, and take action to optimize and improve system efficiency -Preparation of compilation reasoning reports of the functions of all supervised units for submission to superiors -Annual budgeting based on production planning in collaboration with the financial unit -Preparation of strategic objectives of the plant in terms of production, quality and repair -Examination of the actual production of different parts of production and comparing them with approved programs, and preparing reports on the causes of diversion -Reviewing, analyzing and presenting ways to resolve deficiencies, shortages and problems of work and personnel -Deployment of 5S system in all supervised departments -Occupational safety planning of the supervised employees -Compliance with all provisions of the corporate regulations, issued instructions


-B.S. / M.S. degree in Industrial, Mechanical, Electrical, or other related technical engineering fields from an accredited university -Between 5 - 10 years of food industry management experience -Expert in management software’s (Microsoft Project, Primavera, Microsoft Office) -Skilled in the use and application of human resources management systems -Team player with high organizational skills -Time management -Gender Preference: Male -Ideal Age Range: 35 - 45