Media Specialist Avazi No

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  • Tehran

      -   Tehran

Posted 10 months ago

Job Description

Supervise all types and levels of planning, design and implementation of content on the site, social networks, fan clubs, blogs, podcasts, public media, urban space advertising. Interacting with government agencies about publishing licenses, financial transaction permissions, and other tasks related to all activities of the organization on social networks, the Internet, publicity. Production, supply or… of content to be published on social networks and websites. Supervision and monitoring of the website and fan club. Supervision and monitoring of the users’ interaction on social networks and fan clubs. Monitoring public media, presenting relevant and important reports to management and tracking all related news. Monitoring the competition. Preparing plans and strategies for advertising, campaigns, events and... Production or preparation of news bulletins and... Supervising and controlling news and events published on social media sites, newsletters, press releases and… Preparing lecture notes, announcements and… Design, implementation and evaluation of survey programs, evaluation of the results of promotional programs and... Holding brain storms and using necessary methods to create slogan, slogan, promotions and advertising titles. Compilation, implementation and control of the organization's publishing calendar for short-term and long-term projects. Interacting with fans, answering questions and inquiries. Preparing and executing organizational identity.


University Qualifications: University degree in Journalism, Public Relations, Advertisement, Marketing, Media or other related fields. Work Experience: at least 3 years in related fields. Other certifications obtained: Familiar with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, telegram, Snapchat, Vine, Familiar with design and graphic software such as Photoshop and... Specialist knowledge: Familiar with SEO, Computer proficiency. Soft Skills and Personality traits: Strong communication skills, time management, transaction analysis, problem solving, team work, detail oriented, pro-active, organized, creative.