HSE Expert - Rasht Vina Group

  • Gilan

      -   Rasht

Posted 4 months ago

Job Description

- Development and monitoring of HSE goals and objectives. - Implement HSE programs to ensure compliance with HSE standards and guidelines. - Inspecting or assessing the work environment, equipment or practices to ensure compliance with government safety standards and regulations. - Risk assessment for all activities, locations and processes - Monitoring plant safety and fire hazard and factory safe designs - Facilitate and coordinate the HSE plant risk assessment program, including assessment, accident investigation, and corrective and audit work. - Make sure all legal requirements for the HSE are fully implemented.


- Monitor the implementation of related procedures - Controlling and monitoring the activities of HSE contractors - Preparing reports required - Health and safety education for personnel and training workshops - Performance report to the factory manager. - Reduction of national and international requirements and laws in the areas of safety, health and environment - Having a technical knowledge of safety, health and the environment. - Experience at least 5 years - Age Ideal 35 to 45