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HR Expert

Posted 4 Month ago

Job Description

- Training Needs Assessment - Control the establishment of appropriate interactions with institutions, institutes and universities to hold training courses - Determine the appropriate mechanisms for the program Educational organization - Controlling the evaluation of institutions, instructors and ... and providing a list of trusted institutions and instructors to conclude contracts Continuous and periodic with them - Controlling the educational curriculum and adapting it to the educational budget of the organization - Organizing internal and external training courses - Provide educational identity card for all personnel of the organization and certification of participation in training courses for them - Controlling the implementation of training courses and providing corrective action in this regard - Organizing the information & software systems needed to evaluate and evaluate individual performance - Collecting statistics, information and reports needed to evaluate and measure individual performance metrics


- Knowing about Microsoft office - Organizational behavior - Principles of effective communication - Principles of Reporting and Analysis of Information - Time Management - learning process - Principles and techniques of negotiation - Evaluation of employee performance - Suggestion system