Freelance Editor Griffon Capital (Modaberan Homa)

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Posted 8 months ago

Job Description

To work with an asset management firm to filter, edit and finalize a monthly financial newsletter focused on the Iranian Capital Markets. Analysts will provide market commentary, industry &macro news and a single company overview (in English), which the editor will need to reduce into a specific word count (~1,000 words), rearrange/edit accordingly and proof read, such that it is ready for distribution to an English speaking foreign (non-Iranian) audience. A solid (and ideally working) knowledge of Capital Markets is required and written English must be excellent.


• Native English speaker, is a must! • Timing of delivery and high responsibility is very important to us • An eye for detail along with ability to work under pressure • At least 5 years experience of working in the capital market • Good Communications skills • Maximum age: 40