Fluid Mechanical Engineer Pars Fanavaran Radin

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Fluid Mechanical Engineer

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Job Description

The selected candidate should work on the performing of projects. In fact, this position is designed in order to perform and complete various projects. The main focus of this position is on the reverse engineering, redesigning, and part manufacturing. Also, the largest focus of this job is on the manufacturing of rotary parts such as pumps and fans. Therefore, the selected candidate should have solid background in the field of fluid mechanics and manufacturing. In addition, the employee will work on a wide range of equipment, tools, and processes including of fans, pumps, valves, etc. Furthermore, the person which will be selected for this position will have relations with many different manufacturers.


MSc in Mechanical Engineering (Fluid Mechanics). 1 year experience. Degree from main, state universities. High scores in related courses. English language skills especially reading. Knowing SolidWorks, CFX, CATIA.