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Financial Manager

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Job Description

Management of all accounting operations includes accounting, cost accounting, inventory accounting and income recognition. Coordination and guidance of budget preparation and financial forecasting and assessment of reports. Manage the end of the month and the end of the year. Ensure the quality control of financial transactions and financial reporting. Manage a financial accounting system, monitor and report the company compliance with tax reporting requirements. Integrate business processes and accounting policies to maintain and strengthen internal controls. Preparation of financial statements to ensure timely submission of reports and other financial information as required by the company's financial statements. Provide and interpret financial information and identify potential weaknesses. Cash flow analysis, cost and cost control to guide business leaders and manage them. Establish and maintain adequate internal control controls. Cash position forecasts, requirements for borrowing and available funds for investment. Ensure that sufficient funds are available to meet the investment needs of ongoing operations and capital. Helping determine the appropriate corporate capital structure. With banks in relation to LC issues, there are other banking measures in the field of finance. Company Budget Management Preparation Analysis of profit and cost-marketing campaigns and advertising.


• Develop, maintain and analyze the budget, prepare periodic reports that compare budget expenditures with real costs. • Preparation, review and analysis of accounting records, financial statements and reports related to the evaluation of accuracy, comprehensiveness and compliance with the reporting and procedural standards. • Supervision over the implementation of financial accounting, credit and banking systems, insurance affairs, financial affairs directives • Analyze the monthly cost of sold goods and operating costs against the previous year and budget, prepare business descriptions and solutions to help reduce risks. - Management and management of all activities and reports related to payment, tax, VAT, bank accounts, role of payment, insurance, social security, etc. • Degrees: Minimum Master's Degree in Financial Management or other related backgrounds • Experience: 10 years of experience in senior business positions • Knowledge: Economics, Accounting, and Finance and Accounting Law of Iran • Ideal age range: 35-45