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Financial Auditor

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Job Description

• Design the auditing process using common standards of practice, company policies, business goals and industry regulations. • Reviews a company's financial statements, documents, data and accounting entries. • Gather information from a company's financial reporting systems, account balances, cash flow statements, income statements, balance sheets, tax returns and internal control systems. • Indicate areas where risk is found in order to generate a more complete picture of financial responsibility. • Analyze adherence with budgetary standards and guidelines using financial data and balance sheets. • Review all financial materials and procedures in order to spot errors, inefficiencies or instances of misuse. • Confirm a company’s or individual’s profitable holdings, account balances or debt obligations by reviewing databases and other financial sources of information. • Document all internal processes within an audit; list all data sources; detail all conclusions after an investigation. • Update the internal organization’s team members with periodic status reports, meetings and other important developments; publish a report after completing an inquiry. • Work to develop new standards of practice within a company in order to increase accounting accuracy and integrity. • Provide assistance in the case of an outside firm’s auditing of the organization. • Reflect on historical and current budgetary trends found in the data. • Maintain a high level of knowledge and expertise within the field by participating in professional development. • Keep all sensitive information confidential and secure.


• Bachelor’s degree in the field of accounting or other closely related subject • 3 years of Experience in auditing for large organizations • Proficiency in various computer programs related to accounting • Skills in time management and task completion • Top notch oral and written communication abilities