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Posted 3 months ago

Job Description

Please be informed as ITA and UIS companies are international and related to a group so the person will employed by ITA but will work for UIS Company. UIS (Utility Information System) International Company seeks to appoint the right person to carry out and be fully responsible for the important role of Executive Assistant (“EA”) to the CEO for the Tehran Office. The EA is responsible to assure the successful execution of the company’s business mission in the area of finance in new countries by ensuring that the company’s top role is on top of their activity. This role involves mainly two key areas of focus (i) administrative and (ii) business development. Its worth emphasizing that the EA is ultimately responsible for the CEO’s follow ups and schedule with regards to finance in new countries. Should you prove to be successful at this role then there are many ways the company could use your valuable assets where you will be able to manage teams, lines of business and markets. Responsibilities: • Leadership Provide leadership in contributing to UIS’s culture to ensure a healthy, highly energetic working environment cultivated to meet business objectives. In the future, you may need to build a world class winning team and strengthen their “Can-Do” attitude. Note: career objectives do not precede organizational objectives i.e. hire and train those who are aligned with the business objectives while ensuring they meet business objectives that also line up with their career goals. Loudly and frequently communicate the company’s mission and values to anybody you come in contact with (clients, employees, partners etc.) Share knowledge and educate the CEO with regard to opportunities and market requirements in new countries by spotting Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. • Administrative 1. Schedule meetings for the CEO. This includes ensuring everything including internet, the appropriate application or web service is accurately deployed and the meetings go smoothly. If there are in-person meetings ensure guests get the right service when met at the door and while they are present at the meeting 2. Filing Expense reports on behalf of the CEO 3. Making payments via access to the CEO’s personal account 4. Approving expenses that others make on behalf of the CEO 5. Booking hotels, tickets, theater etc. on behalf of the CEO 6. Printing brochures, catalogues business cards etc. • Business Development Research the various countries to understand how we can penetrate each of the industries of interest Find potential companies (government, private and public) and contacts within those companies who would require financing Send out introductory letters Follow up with phone calls Setup meetings with the CEO Prepare proposals or letters of interest Laisse with in-house legal to prepare contracts Follow up Keep a CRM or spreadsheet currently up to date Initially laisse with technical and in-house sales team; however, in the longer term to manage such a team. You may be required to find other type of financers as per market requirements. Some important non-technical skills/behavior patterns required in the delivery of such an important role. Exceptionally self-motivated and self-driven. UIS requires a committed team to come in the office with the energy and passion to set goals, DELIVER, OVER DELIVER and LEAD the Market. Ability to motivate in a team-oriented, collaborative environment. A good cross check is to check with executive management on how your results and behavior motivates them. Discipline: Driving excellence and competing at the highest industry levels require a discipline and commitment to UIS’ mission with regards to finance. You need to lead by example in order to encourage your future team to do so. Ability to set, manage and deliver priorities judiciously. Executive management in particular the CEO needs to fully understand progress and delivery of milestones. Excellent written and oral communication skills with the CEO and the external world. A good cross check is to see how much “buy-in” is with your suggestions by the executive team Excellent interpersonal skills. A good cross check is to ask executive management Keen attention to detail of discussions with potential clients.


- Completely Fluent in English (speaking, writing and etc.) - Strong in Word, Excel, Outlook & PowerPoint. - Ability of English and Persian Typing. - Gender Preference: Female - At least 3 years of related experience