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Digital Marketing Specialist

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Job Description

-Monitor online campaigns implementing in different channels of all franchises. -Follow up ongoing content plans by FMCG advisers & agencies. -Owning and maintaining site and App analytics, metrics, and campaign reporting -Lead the execution of inbound and outbound marketing campaigns such as online ads display, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEOs and other channels -Keep up to date with digital trend and developments. -Monitor & follow up process of posting unified messages in different occasions. -Conduct marketing research, collect data, analyze information and prepare relevant reports for industry’s trend and competitor’s campaigns -Lead and execute the text and visual content development for social media, website, Email and other media and channels -Support the CMO with the development of monthly and quarterly marketing plan -Find out high potential channel as targeted channel for publishing promotion plan across the social medias. -To be able to create innovative contents . -Report and track websites feature engagement. -Work with team to ensure SEO best practice are properly implemented. -Work with editorial and marketing team to drive SEO in content creation and content programming. -Monitoring search engine optimization efforts and implementing new practice that increase ranking and quality of site traffic via product managers & external vendor. -Monitoring websites & application design via Check lists. -Ensure all franchise online activities are digital SOPs oriented.


-Strategic and Analytical mindset -Minimum 2 years of direct experience in digital marketing -Excellent understanding of digital marketing concepts and best practices -Perfect knowledge of web analytics tools (e.g. Google Analytics, Hotjar …) -Gender: Male / Female