Cell Culture Expert - Garmdareh PersisGen

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Posted 7 months ago

Job Description

- Assist in developing upstream processes for cell culture and harvest of mammalian cell lines. - Assist in the entire tech transfer and scale up process through development and revision of methods. - Improve the cell culture and harvest process utilizing equipment and techniques including bioreactors, autoclaves, and inoculators. - Assist in media prep, buffer prep, data entry, and data analysis. - Write, review and revise protocols, reports and presentations. - Documenting the tasks conducted in the GMP facility. - Derive human stem cell lines, develop knowledge on cell culture processes and new derivation methods for stem cell based cell therapy products in a team environment. - Characterize and control the derivation method, up scaling process, and freezing procedures. - Perform final derivation in a full GTP and GMP compliant cleanroom environment including full aseptic gowning. - Derive human cell lines using an existing method as well as develop new derivation methods.


- Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in biology, biochemistry, or related field. - Minimum 1 year of hands on experience with upstream process development in a bio-pharmaceutical environment. - Hands on experience with mammalian CHO cell lines, media development, and screening cell lines. - Excellent organizational skills and proven experience working in a fast paced environment.