Call Center Manager Safir Abi Aram

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Call Center Manager

Posted 4 Month ago

Job Description

- Collaborate in the preparation and editing coordination procedure for each project - Define a reporting pattern for the staffs under management and monitor its implementation - Monitoring on hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally and annually received reports - Provide periodic and requested reports to the employer - Attending periodic meetings with the employer - Supervise the arrival and departure of staff, shifts and... - Review feedback feeds of QC team from the performance of its staff and improvement solutions in this regard - Participate in organizing exhibitions and conferences on organization marketing - Monitor the length of busy time of employees and its reasons - Control the procedures of the projects - Control and review the bills provided by the employer for submission to the financial management - Monitor how to log in and do the Walk the Floor and record calls in CRM software of staffs. - Supervising the observance of conversation habits, such as the inappropriate use of sentences, the failure to provide confidential and unnecessary information... - Monitoring the communication with customers and presenting this process - Supervising customer satisfaction - Generally planning and controlling the project in order to develop and improve performance


- Fluent in CRM - Brand management - Principles of Psychology - Organizational behavior - Team work - Principles of Management - Principles of effective communication - Equipment and software for call centers - Principles of Reporting and Analysis of Information - Principles and techniques of negotiation - Rituals and administrative correspondence - Creativity and innovation - Customer Orientation - The ability to motivate employees - Anger Management - Time Management - Decision making and decision making - Manage customer behavior - Customer loyalty methods, customer surveys