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Security Guard

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17 days ago

Job Description

One of the Embassies calls for security guards to apply for the external security contract. The Tehran-resident security guards with all necessary permits and driving licenses and enough knowledge of English are cordially invited to apply. Other roles will be examined in detail in the interview. The Embassy will manage the method of shift arrangement and the assigned duties. The contractor shall determine the items including salary, insurance, benefits, and other issues.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Monitor and control access at building entrances and vehicle gates.
  • Watch alarm systems or video cameras and operate detecting/emergency equipment.
  • Keep a log of all visitors.
  • Write daily activity reports; provide them to the employer on request.
  • Drive any personnel to meetings or events.

The last chance to send a resume is on the 27th of November.


  • Registered as an Iranian (license holder).
  • At least 5 years of proven relevant experience in the field or in other Embassies or international organizations.
  • Clean criminal record (Official document holder).
  • No drug addiction (non-smokers are preferred).
  • Able to communicate in English.
  • Demonstrated driving skills (class 2 driver’s license is required).
  • Highly familiar with the map of Tehran.
  • Maximum age: 40 years old (candidates below 30 are preferred).
  • Not employed in any other public or private sector; if otherwise written approval of the current employer is required.
  • Good physical or health condition (possessing martial skills is an advantage).
  • Good teamwork skills and mindset.
  • Serious about security issues.
  • Demonstrates flexibility, both intellectually and behaviorally, to adapt to and work effectively in a variety of situations, often under demanding conditions, and to cope with the unforeseen or unexpected.
  • Able to work the night shift.
  • Candidates who have special technical skills, such as electricity, computers, etc., will be given priority.

Employment Type

  • Full Time

Job Category