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Job Description

The Main Responsibilities Are:

  • Managing each step of the project process: idea phase, feasibility, capability, implementation, and delivery, from kickoffs to creating detailed project plans and deliverables.
  • Acquiring and maintaining technical knowledge as well as product knowledge in order to offer basic support to translators when needed.
  • Overseeing end-to-end project workflow across the team.
  • Documenting each step of the process and optimizing it.
  • Preparing CEP of project.
  • Identifying the sequence of work and any internal or external interdependencies.
  • Estimating the duration and resource requirements for each task to the work package level.
  • Proactively assessing project risks through prioritization, risk management, and any other means necessary.
  • Establishing alternative actions for realized risks and the triggers to begin the actions.
  • Balancing capex management and project budgets.
  • Exploring, assessing, and selecting relevant technology to make the localization and linguistic tasks more efficient and less costly.
  • Defining the most relevant KPIs, monitoring the metrics, and providing inputs localization investment.
  • Running a business case for a new project.
  • Tracking the capacity utilization based on PP (LTCP, RCDSR, etc.).
  • Factory master plan development.
  • 3rd party capacity utilization check.


  • A post-graduate level education; Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, or a relevant engineering field.
  • Experience in AM, PM, Quality, and FI tools and processes.
  • Finance (BC, Saving Calculation, Capex).
  • Good command of English.