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Job Description

  • Develop personnel skills, and align training programs with business goals.
  • Strategic workforce planning ensures the size, cost, and agility of the organization's workforce for the future.
  • Succession planning to ensure the availability of expert human capital to fill key positions.
  • Hold weekly meetings with business managers to inform them about the organization's strategic plans and provide them with human resources advice if needed.
  • Provide the necessary guidelines for daily performance management to managers and supervisors.
  • Help line managers in dealing with organizational and employee issues and implementing related changes.
  • Cooperate with other members of the human resources unit in the implementation of recruitment and compensation strategies.
  • Develop monitoring and appreciation models to increase employee belonging.
  • Provide suggestions and help create and maintain a strong organizational culture.
  • Cooperate with managers and employees to resolve conflicts and help facilitate positive employee relations, and maintain a healthy work environment.
  • Enter the issues of employee health, diversity and capacity of employees or talent management.
  • Optimize organizational design to increase productivity and improve business performance.


  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in related fields.
  • Gender preference: Male.
  • Ability to analyze dashboards and reports containing complex data.
  • Familiarity with labor laws and regulations and social security.
  • Familiarity with mentoring skills and establishing effective communication.
  • Excellent and strong problem-solving skills.
  • Proficient in change management processes and models.
  • Ability to align organization strategies with human resource strategies.

Employment Type

  • Full Time