Financial Manager

Ehya Nan Iranian(9595)


Posted 16 days ago

Job Description

● Planning, directing and coordinating, and controlling the company's financial activities within the framework of regulations, laws, and approved guidelines. ● Providing financing and applying management on cash and other monetary assets and providing additional cash when necessary. ● Maintaining financial records and documents, controlling financial activities, identifying deviations from efficient and planned performance, as well as applying management in paying salaries and wages. Tax affairs of inventories, fixed assets, and computer operations. ● Receiving financial reports from units and reviewing and commenting on them and analyzing discrepancies. ● Planning in order to analyze the balance sheet and profit and loss and the statement of resources and expenses of different units. ● Preparing financial or regulatory reports required by laws, regulations, or the board of directors. ● Continuous evaluation of systems, methods, and assumptions related to financial affairs, announcing the strengths and weaknesses of the existing implementation methods, and providing suggestions for corrections. ● Checking and matching the activities with the approved budget and analyzing the deviations. ● Planning, directing, and implementing independent audit operations by the tax affairs auditor and following up on issued reports, and participating in dispute resolution meetings on the subject of the above reports. ● Overall control of all financial transactions, the company’s accounting function, and accountancy matters, including audit systems regardless of their locations. Requirements


● At least a Bachelor's degree in Finance and Accounting. ● At least 10 years of managerial experience in relevant fields. ● Fluent in compliance and process governance. ● Fluent in strategic planning and resource allocation. ● Fluent in accounting and financial analysis both at the global and local level ● Tax and treasury skills. ● Cash flow management skills. ● Revenue assurance and fraud risk management skills. ● Negotiation skills. ● Crisis management skills.

Employment Type

  • Full Time


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