About Ernyka Group


Establishment Year:



IT, Software and Internet Services

Company Size:

500 employees or more


Tehran, تهران


NO 1 Maryam Dead End South Kamraniyeh Andarzgo Blvd Tehran Iran

About Company:

Ernyka Group was born in 1390 with the aim of creating a new attitude in the Iranian e-commerce world. We believe that "business" is a combination of overcoming obstacles and creating new and exciting value, and to achieve success in this winding path, creating ways to help businesses operate internationally has defined our mission. Ernyka is not just a group of different companies. It is a dynamic ecosystem of companies that are active in fields such as e-commerce, electronics, energy, trade, health and treatment. From digital currency platforms to online accommodation rental and airline ticketing systems, we are always striving to provide products and services that make our audience's lives easier and more enjoyable. Ernyka Group has big and well-known brands such as Excoino (digital currency exchange), Homsa (online accommodation reservation system), Flightio (plane and hotel ticket sales system), Hoshsaman (provider of intelligence-based solutions). synthetic), Tokba and Parsfam (import and export of fruits and dried fruits), Pouyan Energy Lidoma (importer of diesel generators), Niavaran International Clinic and Celery application.

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Why work with us?

We are a community and we believe that creating a supportive, innovative and inclusive organizational culture is the key to our success. We operate in many fields, but what sets us apart is our commitment to international outlook and progress. Innovation and creativity are at the core of what we do. We operate in some of the most exciting and dynamic industries and are constantly looking for new ways to cross boundaries and make a positive impact on the world. We welcome innovation and creativity and are not afraid to take risks to achieve our goals. Joining Ernyka means becoming part of a dynamic, forward-looking and inclusive community. We are constantly growing and evolving and are happy to welcome new talent who share our passion for innovation, collaboration and progress.


Ernyka Group considers its development dependent on improving its human capital and with the aim of creating motivation as a driver of growth, it is trying to increase the motivation in its human force. Amenities such as supplementary insurance, Ernyka Cafe, access to the free electronic library, free training courses, special gifts, etc. in a friendly and peaceful environment are the features of Ernyka. Ernyka Group considers the identification and improvement of young specialists as its priority and has several programs to empower them.