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500 employees or more




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About Company:

Subject of companys activity, according to its Articles of Association, Includes: Designing, consultation and implementing all public and private construction, installation, mechanical and electricity, road making and bridge making, reservoir, coastal and sea drainage and railroad and airport projects and or types of usages such as office, residential, commercial, training, industrial and hygiene, hospital, sports, religious, warehouse, sources, silo and or any other usages including buildings, installations as well as water and sewage, oil& gas transfer installations, electricity conduction including establishing the power supply stations and distribution and canal networks, installation, launch and maintaining the facilities, machineries of all above mentioned and cooperation and investment in all civil and industrial projects, purchasing the shares of company and participating in public and private bids and in public and semipublic institutes and organizations and national and international fairs, achieving and donating the representative from/ to domestic and foreign companies and using foreign exchange and Rial Currency facilities from all public and private banks and credit and financial institutes, concluding the agreement with all legal and real persons and imports and exports of commercial legal goods and transacting all items and tools and equipment needed based on the objectives, subject of company.