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Retail, Shop & Supermarket

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500 employees or more


Mazandaran, Amol


آمل - شهرک صنعتی امامزاده عبدالله- فاز 1- خیابان لاله - نبش لاله 4

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DoOsheh Amol Dairy Products Company introduces brands such as Haraz, SaboO, Ti-SA, DoOsheh ... in Imamzadeh Abdollah Amol Industrial Town since August 2007 and thanks to Almighty God and relying on The knowledgeable managers and staffs as well as the use of new technologies in the dairy industry have gained a significant share of the country's dairy market in a short period of time, as well as exporting quality products to other countries such as Iraq, Qatar, Bahrain, Turkmenistan and Canada. The company started its operations with about 30 people and with the rapid increase in production volume and market demand for innovative products, with the expansion of manufacturing plants to 7 units, in less than 10 years, the direct Workers reached more than 1,780 ones so that can fulfill a part of its social Role in the employment of young people in the area. The company's top priority is innovation in new product development and increasing community health by constantly monitoring real customer expectations and needs. Implementation of international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO22000, ISO 10002 and so on and at the highest level of approval is the continuation of the organization's production of quality and health-oriented products. Consecutive achievements in such topics as: Consumer rights, Environmental protection of the country selected by green industry, Country Top exporter, Producer of Healthy Products and Receiving Apple Health Mark, Standard Superior unit, Top Quality unit from food and drug administration, Top national producer, Top Entrepreneur And honored by the Ministries of Industry and Mining and Commerce, Health Care and Medical Education, Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare, the Ministry of the Interior and ... , shows the constant emphasis on the basic principles of sustainable employment, consumer health and environmental protection. Continuing support for charitable foundations and foundations, doing public benefit, supporting athletes and building sports venues, continual support for the community of artists and artistic activity are just a small part of the organization's effort to fulfill social responsibility.

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