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Citex Company has been founded in 1999 focusing on the development of office automation software and hardware, aiming equipment and promotion of organizations, institutions, companies and educational centers by means of up to date IT tools. This company was formed by the participation of software engineers graduated from University of Tehran and valued quality products, innovation, creativity and synchronization with latest information technology. Citex moves ahead relying on the values and purposeful planning to reach to its goals in the local and global markets. Citex as the designer and developer of electronic voting systems automated the project of eighth Iranian parliament election, hence it is assumed as the best company to implement automated election in Iran. More than 22 million votes were counted in 13 large voting centers on 11,000 computers via Citex electronic voting software. This project is the second biggest national IT project after “Smart Fuel Card”. This is only a sample of Citex capabilities and its SOMR (Scanner based Optical Mark Reader) software. Over 2,000 large Iranian organizations and 200,000 students of big Iranian universities use Citex systems having qualification certificate and software ranking certificate from High Council of Informatics of Iran. Since Citex has always focused on the latest IT technologies, it has started projects on the Fourth Industrial Revolution elements including Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Nano Technology, Bio Technology, self-driving cars, quantum computing, internet of Things and especially Blockchain since 2015. Now we provide blockchain-based solutions, Software platforms of online exchange and gateway based on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, consultancy services related to investment on cryptocurrencies, implementing mining projects and holding training courses of fundamental concepts of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Vision statement: “Development of information technology throughout all the aspects of human life.” Mission statement: Citex aims to provide new and quality IT products and services with the help of creative and innovative participators to facilitate and improve the quality of life for all of the people and organizations. Values: - Customer orientation - High quality - Creativity and innovation

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