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بلوار آفریقا- چهارراه حقانی- روبروی بانک سامان- ساختمان 239- شماره 64- طبقه اول- واحد 3 جنوبی

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ATATEB NOVIN has started its activities with sterilization of Medical Disposable Products (such as surgical Gowns, Drapes and Packs) of the best European manufacturers. Since there is considerable shortage of Surgical Gowns and Packs with good quality in the market, ATATEB NOVIN started to manufacture medical disposable products with good quality. Today, we are presenting the best surgical gowns and packs in Asia. Our factory in an area of 4000 meters is unique in every aspect. This factory has won the title of the best design in 1387 and also the best factory in the area. We produce, pack and sterile different Medical Disposable Gowns and Packs such as Orthopedic pack, Eye pack, Cesarean pack, Spine pack, Using disposable drapes in operating rooms has reduced infections in OR Systems. Disposable drapes fully satisfies the requirements of resistance against the penetration of liquids and germs which are effective in prevention of infections.

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