Water & Wastewater Process Engineer - Shanghai SafBon

  • Full Time

  • China

      -   Shanghai

Posted 6 months ago

Job Description

1. Design water treatment process according to project requirements, implement equipment selection, and design process drawings, pipeline drawings and related drawings; 2. Communicate with site engineer and owner to get feedback and optimize the process design scheme; 3. Responsible for the installation guidance and debugging in project, and solve the technical problems during the whole construction; 4. Cooperate with R&D personnel to participate in the development and design of new process; 5. Responsible for the preparation, production and technical clarification of the technical subject of the bidding project; 6. Provide corresponding technical support according to market needs.


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in chemical engineering and environmental engineering; 2. At least 5 years working experience in water treatment, with certain experience in seawater desalination or membrane process design. 3. Familiar with all kinds of water treatment technologies and processes, such as pure water, ultra-pure water, wastewater, and reuse of middle water, and able to independently carry out design and related work; 4. Proficient in CAD, PDMS, WORD and EXCEL; 5. Organized, planned, strong execution, careful and prudent; 6. This position will be located in Shanghai; 7. Fluent in English, Chinese Language Knowledge is a priority.