CRM Specialist

Zarrin Roya Tehran

Posted 6 days ago

Job Description

Your mission in Zarrin Roya is to Respond to the requests, complaints, criticisms, and suggestions of the consumers and customers aiming to attract their satisfaction and improve the products' quality.


  • To investigate and respond to the requests, complaints, suggestions, and criticisms of the customers and consumers in all ways of customer relationship (phone calls, Internet, SMS).
  • To document interactions with customers to review, analyze, and respond better to the consumer.
  • To perform the necessary measures to collect, compile, and enrich the database of consumers for marketing and sales purposes.
  • To communicate with the consumers through output contacts.
  • To perform the necessary measures to assess consumer satisfaction periodically for increasing the quality of products and services shaping, consolidating, and developing communication, and increasing their satisfaction.
  • To prepare periodic reports as needed.


  • Consumer-oriented.
  • Proficiency in various types of industrial customers and consumers.
  • Effective communication skills.
  • Strong accountability.
  • strong knowledge of customer services and CRM principles.

Employment Type

  • Full Time


Employment type

  • Full Time

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