About Telavang



Establishment Year:


Retail, Shop and Supermarket

Company Size:

100-499 employees




خیابان آزادی- نبش خیابان اسکندری- ساختمان 241- طبقه 4- واحد 4

Location of Telavang is not marked on the map.

About Company:

Telavang Group of Companies, established in 1977 is the largest private production group whithin poultry and feed industry. The group consists of 6 indipendent companies with over 300 employees. Largest Company within Telavang Group is Telavang Egg Packing and Processing Company which is the largest and the sole leader of the egg market in term of innovation and Production. Main products and services: sell egg, Pasteurized liquid egg, egg processed products, egg white sandwich, cooked egg white, egg ice cream, etc. Telavang is internationally recognized as Iran's exclusive country member of the International Egg Commission (IEC) since 2000. Telavang aiming is to promote, produce and innovate healthy products for the market to help to create a healthier and more sustainable society.