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استخدام در پردیس گلستان تجارت

Pardis Golestan Tejarat

About Pardis Golestan Tejarat



Establishment Year:


Construction and Building 

Company Size:

10-49 employees




Location of Pardis Golestan Tejarat is not marked on the map.

About Company:

Pardis Golestan Tejarat is one of the private companies, affiliated to Tejarat Investment and Construction Company. According to consequences of professional and expertise operation of Tejarat Bank, general improvement of banking services in accordance with modern banking technologies led to development of branches, increment of branch numbers and their density cross the country, establishment of new branches and renovation of existing branches determined the necessity of organizing a trustworthy and reliable engineering and technical legal entity for management of construction activities. This establishment was realized in 1985 under name of Tejarat Construction Company (PJS) in accordance with relevant banking rules and regulations.