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10-49 employees


Tehran, تهران



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KTA Engineering Company, relying on its experienced staff and 20-year records of managers in the construction and insulation industry in Spain, now has the honor of producing and supplying new insulation technologies in the world for the first time in Iran. This company was established in the fall of 2007 by a group of elites from the Ministry of Science and Technology and with the help of experienced managers in Tehran, to rely on technical knowledge and use polyurethane thermal-sound insulation sprays, polyurea industrial coatings, Covers. Mineral fireproof structures and industrial floorings have taken a big step in the field of energy consumption optimization in Iran. KTA Engineering Company is the exclusive representative of TRANSPOWER-CARBOLINE USA from India as one of the top suppliers and implementers of this industry and one of the top brands in the world with UL/CE/IBC/NFPA standards as well as IRIS COATING Italy and WHITECHEM Turkey. List of products and services: Industrial colors Epoxy and polyurethane flooring Structure protection systems from fire Polymer sealing systems Polyurethane protective coating The company's products and services are as follows: a . Raw materials for paint, glue, resin and stone glue industry b. Polyurethane thermal and sound insulation, spraying, and injection J. Polyurethane kit d. Polyurea industrial coatings e. Polyurethane and epoxy industrial flooring And. Polymer sealing coatings

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Why work with us?

We are friends with our employees and from the first day of their arrival, we do our best to plan training sessions and full support so that they learn everything they need to work in KTA and can start working without stress a very attractive and warm work environment comfortable facilities regular and timely payments without delay profit sharing system allows all our personnel to benefit from company's sales and profits, you can be sure that as the company grows, so will your income Using the monthly evaluation system, we give you the assurance that even the smallest of your efforts will be seen and you can see the effect in your monthly payments


The possibility of planning and progressing in a friendly environment A very warm and friendly work environment with amenities for employees Snack and catering system serving breakfast Very attractive resting place for employees Payment of salaries and benefits without delay In KTA, we have a profit-sharing system where our colleagues are actually our partners and they share in the sales and profits of the company and benefit from the growth and performance of the company. Our fair performance evaluation system promises you that your smallest effort will not be ignored and we try to make our good friends always happy with us and get rewarded for their efforts.