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استخدام در صنایع سندن ایرانیان (آی.اِس.آی)

Iranian Sanden Industries (ISI)

About Iranian Sanden Industries (ISI)



Establishment Year:


Manufacturing and Processing 

Company Size:

500 employees or more




Location of Iranian Sanden Industries (ISI) is not marked on the map.

About Company:

Iranian Sanden Industries (ISI) is in a joint venture with Sanden International (Singapore) (SIS). SIS is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Japan based Sanden Corporation. ISI commenced its operations in April 2000 and has grown into one of the largest Sanden Group’s Automobile Air Conditioners and HVAC systems manufacturing facilities in the world. Sanden is one of the top three manufacturers of Automobile Air Conditioners and HVAC Systems in the world. ISI is committed to manufacturing products of ever-increasing quality and efficiency through continuous improvements in its processes and products. ISI intends to continue as an innovative, creative leader in technology and expand its products and capabilities as an Automobile Air Conditioners and HVAC expert systems. Our ultimate goal is to "Deliver Excellence" to our customers while preserving the earth's environment.