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2exim is subsidiary of Avijeh Tadbir Asia, International trade development company, after many years of experience in export and import of product, will launch the first international B2B Web-site in Iran As Iranian and non-Iranian customers have with their products considered to be able to make the best choice. Due to some misunderstanding that allow for international and introduction and proper marketing for foreign product in Iran and Iranian products in other countries has not been provided and is now being resolved with international problems is to provide the best opportunity for the introduction of product. Iran with population of about 80 million people is one of the largest market in Middle East. The presence of the board of various countries, such as great commerce of Germany, France, Austria and etc. in the past days and weeks indicate the importance of large market for foreign companies. It is hope with design this specialize system and extraordinary services that will act as an arm of the operation system will be able to practice the right help to develop Iran\\\'s imports and exports.