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TOSAN Corporation was founded in 1998 specializing in the provision of end-to-end banking solutions for both conventional and Islamic financial institutions. TOSAN is the first and largest market-leading provider of banking software solutions to retail, corporate, private, microfinance banks in Iran. Operating in more than 17 years, we offer a diverse range of solutions encompassing all major components of the banking process. We are also noted as a leading player in Islamic Banking applications, Payment Solutions incentivized by our direct involvements in the thriving Islamic Banking sector in the middle-east. The products include Islamic Core Banking Systems, Cards and Payment Solutions along with Islamic Credit Card system, Virtual Banking and Business Intelligence Systems. TOSAN group has served to over 37 financial institutions worldwide where is 9 in Asia and Pacific and 2 Banks in Africa, 1 in Europe and 1 in South America and 25 in Middle East. TOSAN products has been deployed in the medium size banks to large-scale credit institutes performing in over 5,000 branches and over 22,000 of tellers and over 50 million of accounts along with over 25 millions of customers.

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