Industry: Construction
Headquarter: Tehran

Company Description

An Expert consultant, a Well- experienced contractor, and the national leading producer of ventilated facades The Soorin Company provides a wide range of technical engineering services from designing, offering the most Fitting consultation, production and installation of building façade systems. These services include, but not limited to: - Designing and producing a wide range of accessories needed for ceramic and stone based ventilated Façade both visible and invisible, according to the client’s preference - Designing, producing and installing aluminum doors and windows - Designing, producing and installing curtain wall systems - Designing, producing and installing Metal and composite …………… The Soorin Company has been established to undertake various projects on both domestic and international Scale and has arguably excelled at them by relying on the most efficient workforce and the most modern Machinery and instruments. The chief objective of this company is to enhance and improve the quality and quantity of façade systems by Employing the most innovative methods.

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