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خیابان بهشتی- خیابان مفتح شمالی- خیابان نقدی- پلاک 11- طبقه 5

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PARSPOUYA Holding, along with its subsidiaries and Pars Tableau, the general contractor, is capable of managing infrastructure projects from concept to completion. The main business activities of PARSPOUYA holding are classified into three major categories including manufacturing industry, EPC industry and investment. This holding has established specialized subsidiaries in power (generation, transmission, and distribution), water & sewage (water transmission, water treatment plant and pump station, irrigation and drainage, operation and maintenance services, sewage water transmission, sewage water treatment and desalination), oil & gas (refineries, petrochemical, pipelines, tank Farms, compressor and pump stations, maintenance and overhaul), civil & railway (residential complexes, roads, bridges, dams, irrigation and railway) industries to increase effectiveness and efficiency during execution of projects on a turnkey basis. Through these companies, PARSPOUYA holding has developed in-house prowess and technical know-how for designing, engineering, construction, installation and commissioning of projects around the world. To support its daughter companies, PARSPOUYA holding has created financial capability with the aim of implementing projects on an EPC/F or on a PPP basis.

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