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100-499 employees


Alborz, Golshahr


استان البرز- کرج- ماهدشت- شهرک صنعتی پیام- خیابان سرداران- نبش دهم جنوبی- پلاک 20

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About Company:

The Kourosh Protein Alborz Co. (Private Corporation) is active in presenting the fresh packages of red meat, white meat, livestock head and hooves, and meat products. Concerning the recommendations of the company’s respectful managing director and board of directors for producing fresh and qualified products that are in line with the world’s modern knowledge, this company employs a specialized workforce and exploits the latest technology in terms of packaging and producing machinery. This has turned Kourosh Protein Alborz to one of the pioneers in the packaging industry of meat, chicken, livestock heads and hooves, and meat products. At the moment, the products of the Kourosh Protein Alborz are daily and freshly offered in the majority of chain stores in Tehran and Alborz cities (Refah, Shahrvand, Etka, etc.), Online stores (Digikala, Beroozresaan, etc.), and the farmers’ markets of the above-mentioned cities. Furthermore, implementing the most advanced products line of the processed meat products (kebab, hamburger, and flavored marinated products), this company could noticeably contribute to foreign and domestic markets.

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