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1-9 employees




سعادت آباد- بلوار دریا- خیابان رامشه- کوچه توحید 5- پلاک 11A- طبقه چهارم

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Turbine Machine Middle-East Group (TMG) is an Iranian pure private turbine manufacturer and MRO service provider for rotating equipment. TMG with more than 15 years successful experiences as a well-known group in Iranian oil, gas and power generation industries and with many awards from Iranian authorities, has around 160 well educated multinational people and three dedicated workshops for doing its businesses. TMG consists of five companies. Aron PetroTech Co. as a member of the TMG has the range of services as below: Commercial services; procurement of packages and spare parts; supply of raw materials and additives and the representation for credible foreign companies, in related areas.

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