Financial Manager

Hamrah Mechanic


Posted 6 months ago

Job Description

● Design and management of the financial team and lead it. ● Determine and implement financial strategy at the organization and business level. ● Collect financial reports at various levels and time intervals, including cash flow, financial inventory, and so on. ● Design and development of financial plans and forecasts. ● Control and implementation of the budget process. ● Management of financial operations including finance, insurance, etc. due to investment in the company's tourism. ● Liaison with financial companies and corporate financing. ● Valuation of the company based on the standards in the startup ecosystem.


● Familiar with the business environment of startups. ● Mastery of social security, tax, and other accounting and financial laws. ● Full familiarity with accounting standards and preparation of financial statements. ● Mastery of different financing methods. ● Mastery of budgeting and control. ● Familiar with stock market rules. ● Familiar with startup valuation and investment.

Employment Type

  • Full Time


Employment type

  • Full Time


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