Tehran Govar (Jojo)

Industry: Manufacturing
Founded at: 2001
Headquarter: Tehran

Company Description

Tehran Govar, the largest greenfield brewery of Iran, 100% private owned, was established in 2003 in Tehran region. The complete brewery and filling lines were commissioned in 2008 and by December 2009 its product called “JOJO” was launched to the highly developed and established Iranian non-alcoholic malt beverage market. The complete project was executed by Krones-Germany as a turnkey project producing non-alcoholic malt beverage which process involves no yeast pitching and where there is no fermentation occurring. The complete process is Halal certified. The company further diversified its business activities in 2014 by investing in malt concentration plant with a capacity of 18000 tons per annum to further utilize its huge brewing capacity to supply clear and unclear malt extract to food and beverage industries, the brand called “Maltez”. In 2017 Tehran Govar extended its product portfolio and launched its carbonated fruit beverage so-called “WALTER” in both PET and CAN. Although the highly developed Iran non-alcoholic malt beverage and carbonated fruit beverage is the company’s main target market, Tehran Govar has started taping into the overseas market to diversify its geographic market segments internationally by promoting its products as a natural healthy beverage which is fully halal certified.

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