Tak Makaron

Industry: Consumer Goods / FMCG
Headquarter: Iran

Company Description

Tak Makaron plant is located 80 km away from Tehran and 14 km west of Karadj. The plant comprises more than 120000 sq. m., including production halls, products depots, warehouse of requirements and raw materials, administrative premises, water supply and conveyance facilities, repair shops, tree planting and green areas. Pasta producing halls Nos. 1 and 2 include 6 integrated and fully independent lines for producing various types of pasta. Furthermore, there has been considered adequate room for the future expansions. Tak Makaron Co. has been capable for offering various products to the consumers, through simultaneous commissioning of 2 production lines for various types of long and short products, and providing favorable conditions, such as large hall in compliance with the global standards, cooling and heating facilities and installations, advanced water and wastewater treatment systems, as well as a computerized and modern system for maintenance, processing and blending raw materials. Products of this large company, in a variety of more than 5 long and 10 short types, were massively distributed and presented to the consumers throughout the country in October 1998. The exclusive product quality, high nutritive value, attractive and stylish packaging have all caused Tak Makaron's products to suit most tastes, and receive wide public welcome.

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