Rahgozin Rayaneh

Headquarter: Tehran

Company Description

Rahgozin Rayaneh started its business with the goals of utilizing state-of-the-art technologies in industrial systems – industrial automation – and making an evolution in the administrative solutions. Having completed many projects in this field, the company has been one of the most experienced pioneers in automation systems development in Iran. In around … and upon the emergence of new communication technologies and the necessity of adaptation with them in hopes of improvement and development in industrial and administrative solutions, Rahgozin Rayaneh decided to establish the information technology division to expand its business into communication, information technology, and security fields. Upon implementation of knowledge-based projects and taking into account Rahgozin Rayaneh’s IT division’s proficiency background, the company’s customers have been increased significantly and some banks and financial institutions have trusted Rahgozin Rayaneh for implementation of their automation, network and communication, security, and business systems. Given the necessity of remodeling banking infrastructures and Rahgozin Rayaneh’s high experience gained over years through conducting various projects, the company began to be involved in organizational and banking infrastructures and started to enlarge its specialists consequently. So far, Rahgozin Rayaneh has worked in following fields among others: - Supplying instrumentation, industrial automation, administrative, and financial equipment; - Supplying electronic payment equipment; - Supplying electrical and electromechanical equipment; - Providing consultation and supervision in all fields of software, electrical, electronic, control and automation, telecommunication, electromechanical, and IT engineering; - Developing electronic payment solutions; - Designing and developing network security, data security, and payment security systems in hardware, software, and network fields; - Providing consultation and supervision in conducting payment projects in international businesses, worldwide standards, and international financial networks. The company’s cadre is a unified combination under the supervision of the management team working aligned with its macro policies and goals. Specifically, in addition to the financial, administrative, and support departments, two major business and technical teams are responsible for developing and meeting the company’s goals.

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